Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are ReproPoints and how do I use them?

ReproPoints are earned with each video, test, project or extra credit you complete. Very soon, we'll have a TRtv Store that you will be able to cash in point to receive prizes. The points will also be used in consideration on your evaluations and for future promotion.

2. What is the difference between, The Blue Ocean, and The Blue Haze?

The Blue Haze is the code name for the actual developed web solution. is the branded name for our Thomas internal web-communication tool. The Blue Ocean is the name of the division Thomas started to market web, film and consulting.

3. Can I come back to complete a certification if I have to stop in the middle?

Absolutely. Each video and associated test is independent of the others. All you have to do is go to your My Thomas page to watch your progress.

4. How is my personal development path chosen?

We base your personal development path on your current position. They are broken down by Leadership, Sales, Corporate, Production and more.

5. Can I pursue other certifications once mine is complete?

Yes. Simply use the "Contact Us" section on the website to notify a member of the Corporate Learning Team and we will review your request.

6. How will I know that I've been approved for other certifications?

On some of our certifications you'll have to complete projects, papers, or be approved. Once we have completed our review process and it has been determined that this information will be beneficial for your learning, you will be contacted by a member of your Corporate Learning Team with instructions on how to proceed.

7. How will my manager know if I've completed the certification process?

Your manager has access to your profile and will be able to check your progress and your learning path.

8. Where do I send my project and papers once I've completed them?

You can send them to Susan Barnes by faxing to 713.579.1233 or email to

9. How do I submit programming suggestions?

We love to hear from our viewers about their ideas. Just use the "Contact Us" section on the website to send the Corporate Learning Team your suggestions. Or, you can use the Suggestion app on your My Thomas page.

10. Can I view the videos and take tests on a Mac or PC?

Yes, either one will work. Since we use Flash player technology, 98% of computers should be able to play the videos.

11. What does streaming mean?

Multimedia data transferred in a stream of compressed packets that are interpreted and rendered, in real time, by a software application as the packet arrives.

12. What are feeds? (RSS, XML, Atom)

Feeds are a way for websites large and small to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers. Feeds permit subscription to regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal, news reader, or in some cases email.

13. How can I edit my profile or change my profile picture?

After logging in, you can edit your profile by clicking "Edit Profile" under the profile picture area, from your My Thomas page. You can also review our video tutorials on The Blue Ocean channel.

14. What is the Storybook?

Storybook follows your career with the company from your Hire Date, to accomplishments, certifications, coaching notes, Thank You's and much more. For more information, check out our Tutorials on The Blue Ocean channel.

15. What is the Coaching tab for?

The Coaching Tab can be found under your Learning Path Tab on your My Thomas page. This is where your manager can send you notes and updates as you progress through your Learning Path.

16. How can I submit pictures to the TRPictureBook on Flickr?

We love receiving pictures from events and company happenings around the country. Please send all pictures to and include the event name, people in pictures and any other details.

17. What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows creation, collaboration and editing of information on a web page within a web browser.

18. Can I add information to a Wiki?

Our company wiki, created by The Blue Ocean, is a collaboration tool to make sure we are the most informed company in the industry. Depending on your role and experience on a particular subject, we'd love to have your input. Just use the "Contact Us' section on the website to send your inquiry and one of your Learning Team members will review your request.

19. How do I know if I'm a member of a Group?

Groups are created depending on your job position or experience on a specific topic. You will receive a message on your My Thomas page letting you know you've been added to a group.

20. What is the Thank You Store?

The Thank You Store was created to allow you to send appreciation, congratulations or an invitation to co-workers, colleagues and clients. You can access the Thank You Store app on your My Thomas page.